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November Cultural Agenda, Del Pintor Suites & Hotels

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As it has been a tradition, at the Hotel del Pintor we present a monthly agenda of the most outstanding events in Malaga in November . Good weather, fresh fishing and great events so that your getaway to Malaga is complete and you don't have time to get bored, do you want inspiration?
Plan your next getaway and don't miss any of the leisure that Malaga can offer you.

November Cultural Agenda, Del Pintor Suites & Hotels

Turning on the Christmas lights 2019 in Malaga

Malaga Christmas kicks off on November 29, with the inauguration of its lighting. All a show of lights and music on Larios Street.
The music, with three daily passes (18.30, 20.00 and 21.30), and the movement of lights to the rhythm of Christmas songs, will be the elements that differentiate the lighting of Malaga.
In addition, this year is the novelty of having the pedestrianized Alameda on its sides, with more space for pedestrians and the opportunity to reinforce Christmas lighting in that new space.
The great Christmas tree of the Plaza de la Constitución will be another of the great attractions of Christmas decoration in the Center of Malaga.

33 Malaga International Jazz Festival  

The 33rd edition of the International Jazz Festival will be held at the Cervantes Theater in Malaga from November 5 to 11. This year will feature the novelty 'Jazz Festival ... in your area', so that the eleven districts of the city will have their respective dose of improvised music.
The Malaga International Jazz Festival recognizes the trajectories of saxophonist Charles Lloyd and pianist Kenny Barron, two legends from the golden age of jazz. In addition, the Malaga saxophonist Ernesto Aurignac and the Catalan trumpeter Andrea Motis, round off the meeting poster.
33 International Jazz Festival in Malaga - Complete Programming
- Charles Tolliver. Date: November 5
- Ernesto Aurignac Ensemble plays Pluto. Date: November 6
- Kenny Barron. Date: November 7
- Charles Lloyd featuring Gerald Clayton, Marvin Sewell, Harish Raghavan and Eric Harland. Date: November 8
- Antonio Sánchez & Migration. Date: November 9
- Nils Petter Molvear Group. Date: November 10
- Andrea Motis Quintet. Date: November 11

Concerts in Malaga in November

- Gaby Moreno . Date: November 1 Place: La Cabara Cabaret - Málaga
- Diego Torres. Date: November 12 Place: Cervantes Theater of Malaga
- Film Symphony Orchestra. The best movie music. Date: November 16th Place: Prince of Asturias Municipal Auditorium - Torremolinos
- Tote King . Date: November 23 Place: Paris Room 15
- Raphael . Date: November 29 Place: José Mª Martín Carpena Sports Palace
- Bast. Date: November 30 and December 1 Place: José Mª Martín Carpena Sports Palace

Theater in Malaga in November

- Albert Pla. Fear. Date: November 2 Place: La Cabara Garage
- The sense of humor: Two fools and me. Date: November 2 Place: Prince of Asturias Municipal Auditorium - Torremolinos
- Revolution On Ice. Date: November 9 Place: José Mª Martín Carpena Sports Palace
- Miguel Lago puts order (monologue). Date: November 14th Place: La Cabara Garage
- Martita de Graná. My father flips (monologue). Date: November 16th Place: La Cabara Garage
- Bow. Date: November 17 Place: Cervantes Theater of Malaga
- Romeo and Juliet / Dance Gala. Date: November 27 Place: Miguel de Cervantes Municipal Theater - Málaga
- The crazy, crazy story of Ben-Hur. Date: November 30 Place: Cervantes Theater of Malaga

Exhibitions in Malaga in November

- Calder-Picasso Date: until February 2 Place: Picasso Museum Málaga
- Saints, queens and workers Date: until February 27 Place: Russian State Museum of St. Petersburg. Tobacalera
- Nikolai Roerich. In search of Shambhala Date: until March 1 Place: Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg. Tobacalera
- Anna Ajmatova. Poetry and life. Date: until March 1 Place: Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg. Tobacalera

Enjoy your favorite events in Malaga, and stay at the Hotel Del Pintor, your Boutique hotel in the center of Malaga , to enjoy Malaga's charm throughout the year.

Hotel in the center of Malaga

Del Pintor Suites & Hotels is located at number 27 Calle Alamos, in the center of Malaga, in the "Picasso District", a few steps from the so-called monumental and artistic triangle of Malaga (Picasso Museum, monumental ensemble Teatro Romano-Alcazaba and the Museum of Malaga, in the spectacular Customs Palace). A privileged situation to know the center of Malaga on foot.

Live Malaga like never before from our boutique hotel or our Pintor suites, tourist apartments in the center of Malaga.

In addition, you have the Painter's Suites and the Painter's Houses, tourist apartments in the center of Malaga, find out at our reception or telephone.

If you come as a family, your best option is the Painter's Suites, some apartments with everything you need for family comfort in your getaway, totally new, and you will surely like them. Here you have a review to know them a little better.

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