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Foodie route, the best tapas in Malaga

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If you are one of those who like to enjoy the destination, its traditions and its food ... this route is for you. We are going for tapas in Malaga !
From the famous spit of sardines to the fried fish , passing through the porra antequerana or the most delicious shellfish on the beach.
Take note of the most typical tapas that you must try on your trip to Malaga.

Foodie route, the best tapas in Malaga

1. Espeto of sardines

Spending a few days in Malaga and not trying the sardine skewers can be considered a crime. You just have to stroll along its beaches to enjoy that tantalizing charcoal smell.

They are made in boats on the shore of the beaches, following the tradition of Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs. And they are a pleasure for all the senses.

2. Fried fish

Continuing with the obligatory dishes on your visit to Malaga, we find the fish fry. It is almost a religion in Malaga.

The secret is in the freshness and quality of the fish and in the flour: a thin layer of flour and a good olive oil are enough.

3. Antequera Cheer

The Antequera porra is one of the most famous dishes in Antequera, which together with its characteristic mollet makes the Antequera recipe book a delight.

The porra antequerana is a cold soup that resembles the Cordovan salmorejo, but includes green pepper, it has a more vinegary flavor and a much denser texture. This dish is prepared with tomatoes, bread, oil, salt, green pepper and garlic, and it is accompanied with ham and hard-boiled egg.

4. Fine shell

The fine shell is one of the most appreciated shellfish on the Costa del Sol and one of the star dishes in any tapas bar or beach bar in Malaga. It has an unmistakable taste of the sea when eaten alive.

The most traditional way of eating it is live, with a splash of lemon, although there are many other ways to take it, such as garlic or grilled.

5. Malaga salad

For the hottest days, the Malaga salad is ideal, a fresh and light dish. Although there are numerous reinterpretations, the traditional Malaga salad is prepared with potatoes, oranges, cod, chives, olives, parsley and olive oil, with the addition of egg or pepper being optional.

Malaga has many more recipes and typical dishes, but without a doubt these are the most famous and the ones you cannot miss on your trip to Malaga.

And now that you know what to order on your foodie route through Malaga, it only remains to decide where to have tapas .

We recommend you to go to the markets of Malaga for tapas (such as the Atarazanas, El Carmen or La Merced markets). You will also find many tapas bars in the center of Malaga, or in the renovated Soho neighborhood (located in the southern area of the Alameda Principal).

If you are more of tapas by the sea, you will enjoy the beautiful in the beach bars on the promenade.

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It is a boutique hotel with unique architecture located in the historic center of Malaga, and at a practically similar distance from the port and Playa de la Malagueta and the well-known Calle Larios.

We have single and double rooms available for you to choose in which you feel most comfortable.

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