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How to order a coffee in Malaga, Hotel Del Pintor

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Today we bring you a curiosity that will help you to develop when ordering a coffee in Malaga . Would you know how to order a coffee to your liking?
Malaga people have a peculiar way of ordering coffee. Forget about ordering coffee stained, with milk or alone, because in Malaga the waiter can look at you with an incognito face, while translating your coffee to Malaga.

How to order a coffee in Malaga, Hotel del Pintor

In Malaga , a coffee is requested by name, so there is no confusion, but do you know the names to order the coffee to your liking?
The popular Café Central de Málaga popularized this way of ordering coffee that is already a tradition in Malaga.

- Black coffee. It is the complete coffee of a lifetime, prepared with 100% coffee without any milk.

- Extra strong coffee. This second type includes 90% coffee and only 10% milk, which is equivalent to the classic spotted coffee (milk, of course).

- Strong coffee. Prepared with 80% coffee, together with Café Semi Corto they form a couple that although it is not the most demanded, they are genuinely Malaga and always exquisite.

- Expresso. This type of coffee does not become half and half because the proportion of coffee in it is 60%.

- Half and half coffee. This is the real 50% & 50% coffee and milk.

- Semi-Short coffee. Gradually reducing the proportions of coffee in the preparation, Entre Corto malagueño is made with 40% coffee and up to 60% milk. This is the Semi Short that we talked about before and that is also its other more extended denomination.

- Short coffee . If you like coffee rather clear but do not know too much milk, Short Coffee should be your choice since it includes 30% coffee and 70% milk.

- Shadow coffee. As iconic as the one that comes next, ordering a Shadow in Malaga is choosing a drink that contains only 20% coffee and a good proportion of milk (80%).

- Cloud coffee . With slightly less amount of coffee than is included in the Shadow, the Cloud in Malaga is prepared with 90% milk and only 10% coffee, that is a glass of coffee stained milk ...

- Don't Brother. This is undoubtedly the most fun because, as its name indicates, it includes a 0% 'de ná'!

As you can see, there is a lot of variety, from the comedian I do not wear it, until alone, you can choose the amount of coffee you want in your cup with maximum precision. What is your favorite?
At Hotel Del Pintor, we have a coffe corner for our guests, where you can have a free coffee while browsing the press of the day. On the other hand, you can choose from a range of soft drinks and snacks.
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Hotel del Pintor Breakfasts

Breakfast at the Hotel del Pintor can be ordered in the room at any time you want, because the holidays are not to get up early, or cross the street to enjoy it in the November cafeteria .
Located in our same street (Alamos 18), it is a charming place with a decoration inspired by the paradisiacal Bali and Indonesia, with an Ibizan and Tarifeño air.
True to its interior design, in its menu you could not miss fresh, healthy and natural ingredients. Its 'eco' dishes, milkshakes and desserts are handmade, taking maximum care of quality and without using artificial colors or aromas. To highlight its offer for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs.
November coffee shop Malaga
After breakfast you will be ready to enjoy the day in Malaga. A walk through the center of Malaga and the "Barrio de Picasso", the Picasso Museum, the monumental Romano-Alcazaba Theater and the Museum of Malaga, in the spectacular Customs Palace.
If you are looking for a central hotel in Malaga, Hotel Del Pintor, the reference Boutique hotel in the center of Malaga will be your best ally.
In addition, you have the Suites del Pintor and the Casas del Pintor, tourist apartments in the center of Malaga, find out at our reception or telephone.
If you come as a family, your best option is the Painter's Suites, some apartments with everything you need for family comfort in your getaway, totally new, and you will surely like them. Here you have a review to know them a little better.
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