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Espeto, typical food of Malaga

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The gastronomy of Malaga and the Costa del Sol, has a dish that stands out from the rest in spring and summer. It is the time of sardines, a fish that is not expensive but very rich to take in different ways, but here in Malaga, we take them our way. The espeto malagueño .

Malaga Espeto, typical food of Malaga

The sardine spit is a typical dish of Malaga, about 6 sardines are nailed in a cane and cooked on the grill. In Malaga it is done in boats on the shore of the beaches, following the tradition of Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs.
The recipe seems simple, roast sardines, but in reality there are masters who are responsible for being so rich by:
  • The sardines must be fresh and kept on ice in a cork box so that they remain hard.
  • They are nailed down, so that it does not slip from the spit.
  • It is necessary to take into account to inclination with respect to the fire so that it is juicy inside and does not burn.
  • Finally, the spit is a great dish since it provides, fish fats, proteins among other elements.
To give you a better idea we leave you this video:

Where to take some rich Malaga Malaga?

It is clear that if we talk about espetos and imagine its smell, you get hungry, we were not going to leave you without recommending some places to eat the best Espetos de Málaga, right?
  • El Tintero Restaurant: located on the beach of Palo de Málaga, the fishermen's district, specialized in fried fish and seafood. An experience, since the dishes arrive at the table through auction. Have you tried it?
  • Chiringuito Servando: located on the quiet beach of Guadalmar. A different place to the rest of beach bars for its building. An ideal establishment to have a good spit on the beachfront with a good value for money.
  • Casa Juan: One of the essential beach bars in Malaga, you can also find it in Torremolinos and Benalmádena. Malaga cuisine with special attention to fish and seafood.
There are also areas where you can find good dishes in many of the restaurants in Malaga. We leave you the map with some points where you can find Malaga dishes, check if you are close and enjoy the Malaga cuisine .
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It is one of the closest hotels to Malagueta Beach. Know the opinions and why they recommend it. In addition, you have the Suites del Pintor and the Casas del Pintor, tourist apartments in the center of Malaga, find out at our reception or telephone.
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