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Discover 10 curious corners of Malaga

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When planning your trip to Malaga, the first thing you do is check the tourist guides, surf the net or ask for advice at the destination hotel.
But, as in all destinations, in addition to the most characteristic monuments there are curious legends or corners with less tourist influx and that in many occasions are strange even for the neighbors living in the area. We present ten curious corners of Malaga. Monuments, buildings and artistic expressions that you will not find in any tourist guide.

Discover 10 curious corners of Malaga

1. The Stupa of Benalmadena

Located on the slope of the Sierra de Mijas, in Benalmádena Pueblo, the Stupa de la Iluminación also becomes a spectacular viewpoint of the Costa del Sol.
Its origin dates back to the year 2000, the Polish architect Wojtek Kossowski who made it possible for the construction to be integrated with the landscape of the White Villages. In this way, despite the enormous dimensions that make it visible from different points of the Mediterranean Highway, it merges with its surroundings.
The white quadrangular building stands out for its vault and its golden conical tip. Earth, water, air, fire and ether are represented through architecture and design symbolizes Buddha's enlightenment.

2. The coves of Pedregalejo

Pedregalejo is a fishing district on the outskirts of Malaga. It has little known attractions outside the province, but highly valued by its inhabitants. It has a beach formed by several coves, in which to find peace and tranquility. If you are hungry or thirsty, there are several places where you can have a cold beer, a sardine spit or a drink at nightfall.
This area was chosen by the bourgeois of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to build their summer residences. Today, many can be seen on the beach and others on the top that decorate the already fantastic views.

3. The Torcal de Antequera  

The landscape that you will see in Torcal de Antequera will leave you with your mouth open, you will have the impression of having reached another planet. This amazing place is little known, but offers one of the clearest karst environments in Europe. From below you will see clearly the spectacular rock formations, while from above you will see much of Malaga, with the sea in the background.

4. Colomares Castle

It is a monument to Christopher Columbus that was built for the celebration of the fifth centenary of the discovery of America. Among the styles that can be distinguished, the Byzantine, the Mudejar and the Gothic stand out. Inside is the smallest church in the world dedicated to St. Elizabeth of Hungary that is even included in the Record Guiness book. If you walk here you will realize that the castle is shaped like one of the caravels of Columbus.

5. Baths of Carmen de Málaga

This is one of the emblems of the city, an old seaside resort now almost in ruins where for the first time in the early twentieth century the mixed bath of men and women was allowed. It was conceived for the upper class of society and built with stones from the San Telmo quarry.

6. Frigiliana

In the Natural Park of Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, you will be surprised by the white houses, the red roofs and the painted wood, in a unique Mediterranean environment. Its cobbled streets make it a unique place to enjoy the views and unique photographs, with the mountains in the background.

7. The house of Los Navajas in Torremolinos

This residential mansion belonging to a businessman dedicated to sugarcane, began to be built in the early twentieth century. The style is clearly Neomudéjar and the interior decoration is inspired by the gardens of the Alhambra. It is located in front of the Bajondillo beach on a cliff with incredible views.

8. Hand of Santa Teresa in Ronda

In Ronda is one of the most unknown relics of the Catholic Church. This is the incorrupt hand of Saint Teresa of Jesus that is kept in the Convent of Mercy.
The story tells that nine months after the death of the Carmelite nun the body was exhumed and that according to Catholic tradition it was incorrupt. That was when one of the parish priests present decided to cut off his right hand to have it as a souvenir.
The relic is currently protected by a silver glove inlaid with precious stones from the 17th century.

9. Maro Beach

One of the best beaches in Malaga is undoubtedly that of Maro. This unique corner offers a natural environment very different from the usual buildings on the beachfront. The waters in these 500 meters of sand are crystal clear.
But not only will you enjoy a pleasant day at the beach. If you are a lover of sports and nature, you will surely sign up for some of the activities that can be done, such as snorkeling or a kayak tour along the coast.

10. The Stone Fountain Lagoon

Another of the secret corners of Malaga, known only to nature and bird lovers, is La Laguna Fuente de Piedra. If the weather has been generous with the water, you can enjoy a large expanse of shallow waters full of life.
Among the bird species that you can find are flamingos. Here the largest colony meets nationally and the second largest in Europe. With a camera, a long distance lens and a little patience, you will have spectacular photographs of these and other birds.

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