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Cultural Malaga in two days

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Malaga is one of the most visited cities in Andalusia, and surely you are looking forward to finding information about what you can visit, places to know and some corner that other than you do not expect and always remember it in a special way. Do you want to know what to see in Malaga in two days ? We tell you!

Cultural Malaga in two days

There are so many things you can do in Malaga , so much the variety of options, that we have summed up the most important things to see or do in Malaga in two days. Activities, events and cultural visits that will make you want to return.

Discover the Cultural Malaga in two days!

Monuments in Malaga

If you like culture you can not miss visiting the tour of the monumental culture of the city.
One of the most important Renaissance monuments in Andalusia is the Cathedral of Malaga . Originally, it would be of Gothic style although it was modified by the Renaissance and finally Baroque elements were added, so at present, we observe a variety of styles where the Renaissance predominates. The greatest peculiarity is that it lacks one of the two towers as we can see in the photo, therefore, colloquially, the cathedral is called "La Manquita" Now it is possible to visit its roofs!
La Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro are other places that have a mandatory stop.
Very close to here, in the center of Malaga, and a few meters from our Hotel, we find the Roman Theater. Its history has remained silent and has also served as support for La Alcazaba by displaying some parts at the doors. Currently, the Roman Theater has recovered as a scenic space, this summer you can enjoy for the third year of the Theaters Cycle

Streets and Squares of Malaga

Another attraction of Malaga is its historic center, walking through its streets and squares. Do you want a walking route through the center of Malaga ? Be enchanted by its magic in any season of the year.
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Electric Car Tour, discover Malaga on four wheels

Visits to Malaga are no longer what they were, now you can enjoy Malaga driving a 100% electric two-seater car. It also helps to take care of the environment, it is a 100% electric car.

Fun, culture, panoramic views and the best weather is what awaits you on one of the electric car tours.

You can choose between 5 routes and can also be accompanied by a typical Malaga breakfast / snack; or Lunch / Dinner in a special place. No tour is the same, and the visit, in addition to fun, is different and personalized and adapted for each group.

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The culture in Malaga has its maximum expression in the museums that you can currently visit. The city has nothing more and nothing less than 36 museums, mostly located all within the Historic District making Malaga one of the cities with the highest density of museums in the entire international scene.
The offer is very varied and you will surely find several that you will love. Do not miss all the museums of Malaga that you can visit in two days, including:
  • Picasso museum
  • Natal Picasso House Museum
  • Malaga Thyssen Museum
  • Malaga Center for Contemporary Art
  • Revello del Toro Museum, Málaga
  • Malaga Municipal Heritage Museum
  • Malaga Automobile and Fashion Museum
  • Russian use of St. Petersburg, Malaga
  • Malaga Pompidou Center
  • National Museum of Airports, Navigation and Air Transport of Malaga

Trendy areas in Malaga

If on your trip you are looking for the most chic plans and a more fun as well as cultural tourism, the options in Malaga are many. In addition to the center where the most important leisure area meets, Malaga also has other fashionable areas such as:

  • Barrio de la Malagueta: Without leaving the center, the malagueta gathers a set of places that you should not miss, a culture and attractions of Malaga. Together with the Malagueta beach: an emblematic place of Malaga.
  • Picasso neighborhood Málaga: the streets and squares that were the daily life of the Malaga-born painter Picasso. Traditional shops and latest trends along with own events await you in this neighborhood.
  • Pier 1: Another of the city's fashionable areas, an open shopping center where you can take a boat ride, visit the Pompidou Museum, stroll through the lighthouse area, visit the restoration area ...

Caminito del Rey

If you like nature, hiking and adventure, in the heart of Malaga there is an imposing canyon: The Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, which you can visit through the Caminito del Rey.

The path or walkways extends about 3km, although the accesses include almost 5, between the steep walls of the canyon, almost forming part of the rock and that includes sections in which the adrenaline will take hold of you: narrows of just 1m or over a bridge over 100 m. over the river.

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To complete this route through the culture of Malaga in two days, nothing like resting in a hotel-Museum in the historic center of Malaga. Hotel Del Pintor, the reference Boutique hotel in the center of Malaga will be your best ally.

Del Pintor Suites & Hotels is located at number 27 Calle Alamos, in the center of Malaga, in the "Picasso District", a few steps from the so-called monumental and artistic triangle of Malaga (Picasso Museum, monumental ensemble Teatro Romano-Alcazaba and the Museum of Malaga, in the spectacular Customs Palace). A privileged situation to know the center of Malaga on foot.

It is a boutique hotel with unique architecture located in the historic center of Malaga, and at a practically similar distance from the port and Playa de la Malagueta and the well-known Calle Larios. In addition, you have the Painter's Suites and the Painter's Houses, tourist apartments in the center of Malaga, find out at our reception or telephone.

Here you have a review to know them a little better.

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