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4 Experiences to discover Malaga from Del Pinto Suites & hotel

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We are sure that if you come to Malaga for the first time, you will not get to know everything it offers, but it will be enough to fall in love with it and want to return.

In Hotel Del Pintor we make it easy for you to discover Malaga, completing your stay in our Hotel or tourist apartments with some activities for all tastes and ages. Book room and activity on our website, and forget about what to do in Malaga during your trip.

You can meet Malaga in an electric car, relax in some Arab baths, visit the most famous museum in Malaga or go on an adventure to Caminito del Rey.

1. Electric Car Tour, discover Malaga on four wheels

Visits to Malaga are no longer what they were, now you can enjoy Malaga driving a 100% electric two-seater car. It also helps to take care of the environment, it is a 100% electric car.


Fun, culture, panoramic views and the best weather is what awaits you on one of the electric car tours.


You can choose between 5 routes and can also be accompanied by a typical Malaga breakfast / snack; or Lunch / Dinner in a special place. No tour is the same, and the visit, in addition to fun, is different and personalized and adapted for each group.

Book room + tour here

  2. Hamman Al Andalus Arab Baths

As a complement to your stay in Malaga we propose a relaxing bath in the Arab baths of Malaga: Hamman Al Andalus. Or choose a relaxing massage that will transport you to a state of unparalleled peace and tranquility.

Feel the Journey of Water, massages, rituals and experiences with which to let your emotion flow in Malaga.

Book room + bath and massage in Arab baths here

These are the features of the package:

- Double room with continental continental breakfast included.

- Sweet welcome detail.

- Hammam Al-Andalús Málaga . (Bath + Relaxing Massage)

3. Picasso Museum Malaga

The Picasso Malaga Museum is one of the two art galleries dedicated to the Malaga-born painter in his hometown. The two hundred and eighty-five works that the MPM collection brings together encompass Picasso's revolutionary innovations, as well as the wide variety of styles, materials and techniques it dominated.


From the first academic studies to his vision of classicism, through the superimposed planes of cubism, ceramics, his interpretations of the great masters and the last paintings of the seventies. The surroundings of the museum are planted with tea shops and other establishments with the style, and invites after the visit to a pleasant walk through this central area.


Book room + entrance to the Picasso Malaga Museum here

4. Caminito del Rey

If you like nature, hiking and adventure, in the heart of Malaga there is an imposing canyon: The Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, which you can visit through the Caminito del Rey.

The path or walkways extends about 3km, although the accesses include almost 5, between the steep walls of the canyon, almost forming part of the rock and that includes sections in which the adrenaline will take hold of you: narrows of just 1m or over a bridge over 100 m. over the river.

Book room + entrance to Caminito del Rey here

Do you need more info? Ask at our reception or by phone 952 060 980, we will be happy to guide you and provide you with the information you need.

Hotel in the center of Malaga

Del Pintor Suites & Hotels is located at 27 Álamos Street, in the center of Malaga, in the “Picasso District ”, a few steps from the so-called monumental and artistic triangle of Malaga (Picasso Museum, monumental ensemble Teatro Romano-Alcazaba and the Museum of Malaga, in the spectacular Customs Palace). A privileged situation to know the center of Malaga on foot.

It is a boutique hotel with unique architecture located in the historic center of Malaga , and at a practically similar distance from the port and Playa de la Malagueta and the well-known Calle Larios.

If you are looking for a central hotel in Malaga , Hotel Del Pintor, the reference Boutique hotel in the center of Malaga will be your best ally.

In addition, you have the Painter's Suites and the Painter's Houses, tourist apartments in the center of Malaga, find out at our reception or telephone.

If you come as a family, your best option is the Painter's Suites, some apartments with everything you need for family comfort in your getaway, totally new, and you will surely like them. Here you have a review to know them a little better.

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